Dimok Runners Waist Pack – Water Resistant Running Belt for Hiking Fitness – Adjustable Pouch for All Phones with Free Waterproof Phone Case (Black with Waterproof Phone Case)


This great product fits so perfectly that you won’t even know it’s there. The elastic straps and adjustable belt keep everything comfortably snug and close, preventing the annoyance of bouncing items. The neoprene material prevents sliding, so when you take out your smartphone, you don’t accidentally pull out all your credit cards at the same time.

Ideal for all kinds of sports and exercise, including obstacle course running. You’ll always have your phone ready to take that epic photo when the chance arises.

You can also use the belt as a treat bag for dog walks or as a wallet/purse during everyday activities. Dimok running belt is great at night with a large reflective stripe – you can run but you can’t hide.

Dimok waterproove pouch is great necessity to your hiking, watersport experience. Now! Go and have Fun! Ideal for all kinds of sports and exercise, including

• Boating

• Kayaking

• Rafting

• Swimming • Water Park • And More!

Important Notice:

Please use a tissue test before each use! Fill with tissues/paper; Squeeze air before Sealed. Submerge underwater for about 15 minutes.Then downside the top mount to take out the object, avoid water going into the case. Keep the Instruction manual for future use

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