Fashion Outdoor Waist pack Waterproof Hiking Cycling Waist Bag Multi Function Outdoor Travel Running Fanny Pack for Men&Women (Red)



1. Waist bag made of high-grade PV valentine breathable pads, better ventilation not easy to deformation.
2. Waist bag made of the high quality fasteners, beautiful and easy, strong and durable.
3. Portable hand carry design, large bearing capacity, ribbon durability can be at ease use.
4. Waist bag design the both sides have a gauze pocket side bunker Portable water, beverages, food, books, such as mobile phones.
5. Waist bag seams ribbon reinforces, can bear larger pulling force, more durable.
6. Main bag design with wall, can receive goods classification.
Product Parameters:

* Capacity: 2L
* Material: Oxford (Water Repellent Fabric)
* Size: About 13.78″X 5.11″X 5.11″(35*14*14.5 cm)
* Net Weight: About 0.2kg
* Propose weight-bearing: About 5kg
* Gender: Unisex
* Colors: Blue/Black
* Applies to: Running, Cycling, Travel, Climbing

Package Includes:

1* Multipurpose Outdoor Waist Packs

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