Hydration Belt for Women/Men Runners by MaximusFit – Running Fuel Belt with 2 Large Water Bottles (10oz) – 7.5″ Pouch Fits iPhone 6 – Perfect Waist Pack for Walking, Marathon, Hiking, Cycling, Workout

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Built for runners, women or men. Hydration Running Belt will be your mate for comfortable running training

You don’t know where to fit your stuff during the run?

You can have all you need with you all the time and it won’t even bother you when running

MaximusFit Fuel Belt has a big enough pocket to hold your smartphone, keys and other stuff safely

The pouch size is about 7.5″x4″. The most of modern smartphones, like the iPhone6, 6plus, Galaxy Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, Xperia Z5 or Nexus 6P, will fit in without problems

Do you also want to be hydrated enough during longer distances running?

Two 10oz water bottles will keep you hydrated during long runs

Bottles are BPA-free certified and are 100% harmless to human health

MaximusFit Hydration Belt is suitable for cycling, hiking, long walks with your furry four-footed buddy or as race belt for marathon

Main Features:

– Don’t worry about your figure. The belt, thanks to an adjustable strap, adjusts the fit from 31″-55″
– No bouncing or chafing. The belt won’t be moving around your waist while you move, thanks to special silicone non-slip grips on the inner side of the belt
– Water bottles have solid holdings on the belt. They’re not jumping around during the run. Stable way of holding by velcro
– Keep your smartphone safe and dry. Separate inner pockets, including a water-resistant neoprene pocket will prevent scratches and damage from sweat
– Take care of your safety. The number of accidents caused by weak visibility is constantly growing. If you like running early in the morning or after dark, reflective elements on sides and in front will ensure your visibility and increase your safety

No risk! You’ve got a 90 day trial period to try belt

Take advantage of this introductory offer and try it yourself!

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