IDEAWIN Unisex RFID Blocker Money Belt Travel Wallet Passport Holder Waist Packs

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IDEAWIN Unisex RFID Blocking Concealed Travel Wallet Hidden Waist Pack


RFID Protection

Built in radio frequency shielding Material ensures your credit cards and passport information will remain confidential and safe.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Travel worry-free knowing all your vital documents and travel essentials are safely concealed in crowded places. Passport wallet securely stores cash, passports, boarding passes, credit cards, I.D., keys, smartphones and other accessories.

Hidden from Thieves and Pickpockets

Designed to be worn beneath clothing for maximum protection to safeguard your valuables.

One Fit More

Soft elasticated adjustable belt fits sizes from 27″ to 66″ comfortably, perfect for men and women.

The Perfect Gift

Give loved ones the gift of stress-free travel.

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