Limber Stretch ORIGINAL HIP HUG CLASSIC or PRO Travel and Running Fanny Pack available in PLUS SIZES

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This high-quality, designer waist pack features 4 pockets to stash all your gear. See images above. It has 3 horizontal slit pockets; two in the back and one deep vertical pocket in front. Available in 2 different styles: HIP HUG PRO and HIP HUG CLASSICS. HIP HUG PRO has been designed and crafted specifically for runners. The PROS are made from a Top Performance Lycra blend material so it’s super-stretchy and form fitting. It’s extra-wide (2 times as wide as other popular brands) but it lays flat, and won’t bunch up or bounce when you’re moving. Fold it down in half for extra security while on the run. Wear it comfortably outside or hidden, underneath your clothing. Our CLASSIC Hip Hugs are great for hikers, dog walking, cyclists and weekend warriors who like to keep their gear and valuables handy while they’re active. Stash your iPhone 6, music, iPod, cash, coins, ear buds, epi pen, compass, I.D. hydration packs, gel packs, insulin pumps, lip stick and keys in this attractive slim-line fanny pack. Order yours today!

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