Moonster Money Belt Hidden Travel Wallet, Passport Holder for Men and Women, Rip-Stop Nylon Water Resistant Fanny Pack, Secure Pouch to Keep Passports, Currency, Keys, Jewelry & Credit Cards Safe

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Don’t be a target . purse-snatchers and pickpockets love to prey on people who carry all the good stuff in their bags and wallets. They watch for people who are fumbling around for money and valuables. If you are not on guard, you will have something stolen – often without even realizing it for hours. Wearing our slim-fit zippered money concealer will deter thieves from stealing your money, travel documents and other valuables. Out of sight, out of mind . purses and men’s wallets are highly visible to the eyes of muggers. Some muggers carry a pair of scissors, snipping the strap of a woman’s purse and slipping it right off of her arm in the blink of an eye. Our hidden travel wallet is worn around your waist, under your clothing. It has a very thin profile that is undetectable to would-be thieves. It is made of sturdy rip-stop nylon, with an adjustable 1-inch waist strap that accommodates 24 to 60 inch waists. The belt fastener requires a two-finger squeeze to release it, so you can be confident that your money belt will not come undone by accident. No more fumbling . Two zippered compartments are spacious enough to hold all of your most valuable possessions: money, credit cards, keys, phone, id and other travel documents. The larger compartment consists of two mesh pockets so that you can organize your valuables for faster, safer retrieval. Play it safe everywhere. Our hidden travel wallet is water-resistant, mildew-resistant and suitable for all environments. Wear it while walking, camping, on cruise ships, business travel or city busesand even while sleeping. Thieves don’t take a day offand neither will our concealed wallet .

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