Neon Fanny Pack / Belt Pack / Waist Bag (Blank) for Men and Women (Premium 3 Zipper Design) Orange

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Fanny packs have been a staple in societies around the world for decades. Now, we’re excited to announce were bringing you our custom designed neon fanny pack that’s perfect men, women, and children.

Our neon fanny packs boast the following amazing features:

Multiple Pouches– Our fanny packs have 3 different pouches to carry your personal items. 1 small hidden back pouch and two front pouches will give you plenty of storage space around your waste.

Bright Colors– The bright neon color of our fanny packs will definitely make you glow in a crowd.

Adjustable Size– No matter what your waste size, our neon fanny pack will ft your waste perfectly. The easy to adjust waste strap makes for a tight, snug fit.

Durable Material– The lightweight, durable material is perfect for holding your items.

100% Money Back Guarantee-If you aren’t satisfied with your neon fanny pack, just send it back for a 100% refund.

Our neon fanny pack is perfect for any occasion such as birthday parties, music festivals (e.g. Coachella), 80’s parties, basic traveling, and much more. Grab one of our fanny packs and be sure to stand out among the crowd.

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