Tactical Waist Bag made in Japan from YKK Zipper Fishing Tackles Waist Pack Molle Bag (Typhon)


All eight zippers have been replaced with made-in-Japan versions from YKK!!

In the past, the negative opinions we received from customers with regard to our zippers had become a problem.

Because we widely distributed apparel that made use of Chinese style zippers,” the problem was that we would hear complaints such as “The handle broke within one day of buying it” or “It keeps getting stuck and I can’t open and close it smoothly.”

In response, our company has seen fit to replace all eight zippers, from the obvious main pocket to the inner ones as well, with those made in Japan from YKK.

We are creating an upgraded waist bag that has not only improved durability and water resistance, by greater ease of use as well.

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