Outdoor Portable Military Folding Shovel – Multi function Tool with Tactical Waist Pack for Camping, Backpacking, Outdoor Hiking, Car ,Automobile, Garden, Heavy Duty Emergency Survival Gear (golden)


Our shovel has extension bars, thus the length of the handle is adjustable according to your needs.
It also features a regular shovel doesn’t even have, all in this convenient folding shovel:
Shovel Board, Saw, Bottle Opener, Hoe, Hook, Scales Knife, Hunting Knife, Screwdriver, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Safety Hammer, Belt Cutter, etc.
Multifunction & Versatility
Adjustable Shovel: Trenching,digging,cleaning,hoeing,hanging,etc.
Safety Hammer: Lifesaving hammer/glass breaker secures your safety under various kinds of environments.
Fire Starter: Made of Magnesium, easy to use for making fire, perfect for outdoor adventure.
Screwdriver: Cross screwdriver and straight screwdriver 2-in-1, a practical tool for repairing and installing.
Scale Knife: Scrape the scales of a fish easily before barbecuing the fish.
Bottle Opener: Open the beer and enjoy your drink after work.
Saw: Sawing small branches in the jungle.
Knife: Chopping,chipping,cutting,and other tactical uses.
Compass: Get direction in wild.
Carrying Pouch: Easy to carry, hang it on the shoulder while working or hiking outdoors.
Shovel Material: High-Carbon Steel
Handle Material: High Strength Aluminium Alloy
Total unfold length: approx. 33.85″/2.82ft/860mm
Packing Size: approx. 280*180*68mm
Package Content
1 x Adjustable Multifunctional Shovel
1 x Scale Knife
1 x Spade Sheath
1 x Magnesium Fire Starter with Compass
1 x Screwdriver
3 x Extension Handle
1 x Anti-slip Handle
1 x Carring Pouch with Strap

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