Runner Waist Pack/ Running Belt – Expandable Storage Pockets, Lays Smooth & Flat. Protects IPhones, Androids & Valuables During Workout. Adjustable, Fits Men & Women for Biking, Hiking & Running.

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The Qi Belt Wrap Is a beautifully designed runners belt waist pack. This runners belt pouch has expandable, stretching pockets to protect your smart phones and valuables during your exercise workouts. It’s perfect for biking, hiking, running and most outdoor activities. It fits all IPhones & Androids accommodating all phone sizes – including; the Samsung Galaxy Note and yes this is the perfect runners belt for IPhone 6 plus! The Qi Wrap Runners Belt Is Adjustable to Fit Men And/ Or Women From Waist Sizes 24″ To 47″. This unique runners belt waist pack has a stretchable, fabric material that closes with a soft ‘Velcro-type’ hook and loop material that lays smooth and flat, with no buckles, zippers or bulky closures, creating an ultra-comfortable fit for men and women. Soft & Comfortable! The QI Belt Wrap is constructed from durable elastic and Lycra fabric. It is soft so this runners belt fits snugly and feels nice against your body so it can even be worn under a shirt. Superior Design Features: The Qi Wrap is Reflective, Weather/ Water resistant and Washable! The QI BELT WRAP has a reflective front, for safety at dusk and at night. It is weather resistant and it is washable. The Qi Belt Wrap can be tossed into a cold water wash and hung to dry. It’s easy to keep your belt clean and fresh for many years of enjoyment.

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