ThiKin Waterproof Nylon Running Hiking Camping Cycling Fanny Pack Waist Pack


Department: Unisex
Brand: ThiKin
Material: Nylon
Weight: 6 oz
Products Dimensions: 31x12x17(cm) / 12.2×4.7×6.1 (inches)
Style: Multi-purpose fanny bag
Size: Medium

Product Description:
The bag features a wide strap that wraps and buckles around the waist and small pouch that sits just below the belly. This pack allows the traveler free movement and easy access to necessities, unlike shoulder bags, which can impede the movement of the arms, or backpacks that need to be removed in order to access the compartment. It??s tempting to have a fanny pack with all the fancy features that can rival Batman??s utility belt, but for travel, a lightweight fanny pack is best. Sightseeing often involves walking for hours everyday, and having all the extra weight can slow a person down. Instead, opt for fanny pack made with a lightweight material and fill it up only with the necessities. The pack can have many more uses than most people thin

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