Tiding Men’s Leather Cool Fanny Packs Waist Bag Vintage Across Chest Bags 3111

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TIDING is a fashion brand in China,blending the finest leather with years of experience in bags manufacturing, TIDING also offers its clients the perfect combination of durable, practical and affordable design. Most of TIDING bag are vintage and retro look with crazy-horse leather, the surface of this leather is full of messy scratches.We mainly sell leather messenger bag,briefcase,backpack and wallet.

Q:What is Crazy Horse Leather?
A:A kind of leatherworking process,usually using cowhide leather.You will find different color from different visual angle on the same piece leather.It is amazing top quality leather.
Q:why there is scratch on surface?
A:The scratch make product look retro style,and it is easy to deal with,if you don’t like the scratch on surface.

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