Travel Hardwear Money Belt, Wallet, Passport Holder with Free Luggage Straps

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Personal Safety & Theft Protection

Traveling is a beautiful thing and we will continue to do it until the day we die. With that said there is nothing worse then being robbed while you are abroad. Trust us… we have been there.

There are many precautions you can take, but we feel that the first line of defense is your pocket or wallet.
A money belt is an essential product that every traveler needs to take advantage of.

Our Money Belt

The money belt has been designed with function and performance in mind. The cloth is light and breathable but can still stand up to the rigors of traveling. We have included a pocket on the back/skin facing side where you can neatly store the soft elastic waist strap when you are not wearing it. This side also has a soft breathable mesh that will not itch your skin. For storing your precious money and cards the belt has two zippered pockets plus an internal divider to help organize your credit cards, cash and other important documents.

Our Luggage Strap

There is nothing worse than the tired, overstressed crowd at the baggage carousel. Everyone is jostling each other for position to grab their bag as soon as possible. Black bag after black bag slides down and no one really know if it is theirs until the last second.

If you use our luggage straps you can escape this dog eat dog world.

Sit back and relax as you easily spot your bag coming from afar.

Not only is the luggage strap strong, useful and secure but it will greatly improve your traveling experience!

The Famous Travel Hardwear Lifetime Guarantee.

If you have any kind of problem or you are not in anyway satisfied with our products we will do everything in our power to fix this.

Be Safe, Join the Travel Hardwear Family and Order your Money Belt Today!

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